Saturday, April 04, 2009

Hear from a Co-author of Disrupting Class...

This webinar by co-author Michael Horne was the culminating feature of a book discussion for ISTE's administrator's group. It's a great help in fleshing out the book if you've read it, or especially if you haven't and are looking to get the gist. I am not a fan of futurists, and don't often promote their books, so many of which seem to be merely capitalizing on the (mostly obvious) changes around us. Naisbitt's "Megatrends" was an exception to that for me in the 80s, I think because he developed his ideas using very sound studies of newspaper clippings. Christensen's book is an exception, also. Disrupting Class deserves our attention. Its most intriguing assertion is that on-line courses will represent 50% of all 9-12 courses by 2018. (By on-line, he doesn't mean "distance," and it's an important distinction.)

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